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  • HomeTeleMed - ReJoyce home based stroke and SCI rehabilitation


    ReJoyce is a Rehabilitation Joystick for computer exercise. Angeltear has been involved in developing the software and hardware for the ReJoyce in collaboration with Rehabtronics. It is now available at

  • Healup - Computer-game based Rehabilitation develops research based computer games for rehabilitation. Currently offers programs that help kids cope with ADHD.

  • Zip Nerve Cuff

    Zip Nerve Cuff

    This patent-pending nerve cuff is designed to alleviate numerous problems with other nerve cuff designs; minimizing the inflamatory response, surgery time, and nerve damage while maximizing selectivity, and adjustability.

  • Statgo Medical Billing

    Statgo Medical Billing

    Physicians need to focus on helping patients but a significant portion of their time is spent on administrative tasks, Statgo medical billing helps physicians focus on what they do best - delivering fantastic patient care.